Air Express Registered


437,-RUB (~USD6.87)
One Delivery unit. You need at least three.  

You may need this if you'd like to add a random amount of items top your order. It is like to attach an additional postage stamp.

This is how it operates:
1. You order a Pro-Liner HD Intl Eng 2020 item. It covers the basic delivery price for one item;
2. You add any number of additional Pro-Liners HD Extension or Personal Bodygraph Compass. They are not available as stand-alone item.

Payment Steps explained

    How many of them do I need?

    Books ordered:
    1 Pro-Liner HD

    Units to add: 

    Books ordered:
    2 Pro-Liner HD

    Units to add:

    3 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units: 6

    4 or 5 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units: 7

    6 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units: 8

    7 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units: 9

    8 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units:  10

    9 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units: 11

    10 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units: 12

    11 Pro-Liner HD

    Delivery Units: 13